Spring 2004—The Impact of Watergate: A 30-Year Retrospective

During the third Frey Institute symposium, the 30th anniversary of the Watergate scandal and President Nixon's eventual and historic resignation was considered. The impact of Watergate has continued throughout the years in both the legislative and political arenas. Across the two-day event, noted commentators, political office holders of the era, key aides to President Nixon, high school and college students and academics paused to consider the impact of the pivotal era. Included among those figures were key members of the House Judiciary Committee and the director of the Nixon Presidential Library. The soaring keynote event was delivered by one of the key figures in the event, Bob Woodward (Assistant Managing Editor of The Washington Post and co-author,All the President's Men). Woodward drew parallels to Watergate and more recent political events and the media's coverage of scandal.