Spring 2009—The First 100 Days

The spring 2009 Frey Institute symposium combined serious and comedic analyses of how the Obama administration has handled economic policies, national security and more. Speakers at the event covered President Obama's relationship with the 111th Congress, an analysis of his economic policy and the future, a discussion on his security policies and a view of his administration from the perspective of historical comparisons. Presentations were given by U.S. representatives Suzanne Kosmas (D-FL) and Allen Boyd (D-FL). Former members of Congress William H. "Bill" Zeliff Jr. (NH-R) and Jim Slattery (KS-D). The Keynote address, from a comedic standpoint, was given by The Daily Show's "senior black correspondent" Larry Wilmore. Other speakers included several UCF political science professors and Stephen Wayne, professor of government at Georgetown University and the author of The Road to the White House 2008.