The U.S. and China: What Does the Future Hold?

From human rights to monetary policy and national security, the United States' relationship with China is often troubled and challenging for the president and Congress. The Spring 2011 Frey Institute Symposium delves into this complicate and many times complicated relationship. Officials from the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C., and other leading experts gathered to discuss how the two countries can work together to overcome those challenges. This event stems from a trip that former U.S. Rep. Lou Frey and four other former members of Congress took last year to China. Panelists discussed how to bridge the cultural divide, the two countries' interdependent economies and how the United States and China can work together in an age of terrorism and nuclear proliferation. Other speakers addressed foreign policy and how the countries can better understand and address their respective core national interests. Deng Hongbo, deputy chief of mission at the Chinese Embassy, delivered the keynote address, "The Most Important Relationship in the World: Reasons and Prospects for a Chinese-American Partnership." Other speakers include Liu Xiang, second secretary of the Chinese Embassy's Education Office; Ruan Zongze, minister counselor of the Chinese Embassy; and Dan Wright, president and chief executive officer of the Greenpoint Group.