The U.S. Constitution: Confronting the 21st Century

First among the priorities of the Frey Institute is communicating the founding ideals of the country and how those impose obligations of informed engagement among the citizens of the nation. Debates about governmental power, personal privacy and the U.S. Constitution frame many of the nation's most significant political issues, including health care, crime and abortion rights. Leading political and constitutional law experts joined the Frey Symposium in the fall of 2012 to discuss the Constitution's meaning today and in the future, as well as the challenges posed by trying to balance governmental power with personal privacy. Nadine Strossen, a past president of the ACLU and now professor of law at New York University, gave the opening presentation on the relationship between governmental power and civil liberties, including privacy questions, during the War on Terror. Other speakers included George Washington University law professors Jonathan Turley and Jeffrey Rosen and University of Florida law professor Sharon Rush. Former U.S. Rep. Lou Frey joined Turley and Rush for a roundtable discussion of constitutional protection and the right to privacy in today's increasingly online society. The day concluded with presentations by UCF Student Government Association leaders.