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Florida’s Uniform Ballot Structure New

This video reviews the structure of Florida’s primary and general election ballots, in fulfillment of SB1108, which “…requires the curriculum for students in grades 11 and 12 to also include instructions on voting using the uniform primary and general election ballot.”

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Civics in Real Time Podcast New

Civics in Real Time is a monthly podcast about civic issues, ideas, events and concepts brought to you by the Lou Frey Institute of Politics and Government at the University of Central Florida.

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Civics in Real Life

Civics is all around us. There is a lot to know about the government and how “We the People” interact with the government and each other. Let’s help each other expand our civic literacy.

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Civics and Debate in Florida

In January of 2020, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, backed by a significant grant from the Marcus Foundation and in collaboration...
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New Civics-related Lessons for Teaching the Holocaust Now Available

Good morning friends. This Holocaust Education Week here in Florida, we are please to share with you a new set of stand alone...
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Catch up on the latest episode of the Civics in Real Time podcast!
Episode four features the Bill of Rights Institute and the new resources available for teachers! The discussion features Rachel Davison Humphries, director of outreach.

Congressman Lou Frey: A Legacy

Founded by Congressman Lou Frey, the institute is located at home at the University of Central Florida’s Research Park as part of the College of Sciences’ School of Politics, Security, and International Affairs.

We encourage you to learn more about Lou Frey, Jr. here, as there is so much more to him than what we have posted here. You can also visit his dedicated page on C-Span, where a number of videos illustrate his knowledge of our political system, Congress, and his wonderful character and sense of humor. And check out this interview the Congressman did with a young student about civic education and public service. A really powerful short piece that says so much about his work and leadership.

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