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From 1969-1979, Lou Frey’s legislative efforts touched the lives of people both in his district and the country:

  • Sponsored the Balance Budget Resolution
  • Introduced and helped to pass legislation prohibiting dumping toxic wastes in the oceans
  • Co-managed the Space Shuttle Program on the floor of Congress
  • Authored the Drug Pusher Elimination Act
  • Introduced legislation aimed at helping families suffering catastrophic illnesses
  • Introduced and helped to pass legislation which set safety standards for mobile homes
  • Sponsored a bill to allow tuition tax credits for higher education. 
  • Co-sponsored major legislation on cancer research
  • Helped pass The Clean Water and Clean Air Act
  • Wrote and helped pass the Federal Noxious Weed Act

Specifically to Florida:

  • Obtained the second VA clinic in the nation for the district, which is still located in what is now Baldwin Park
  • Together with Congressman Don Fuqua (D-FL) and Senator Ed Gurney (R-FL), fought effectively to make Kennedy Space Center the home base of the Space Shuttle and to keep Patrick Air Force Base open
  • With Congressman Bill Chappell (D-FL) created Spessard Holland Seashore Park, which is now Canaveral National Seashore Park
  • Started a senior citizen transportation system in Orlando
  • Worked to halt a planned relocation of the Naval Training Device Center, the Navy’s Simulation and Training organization, from Orlando to Pensacola, thereby preserving the integrity of what today is known as “Team Orlando”, which has a $4B impact on the Central Florida economy.
  • Because of his vision and leadership, when it became apparent in the early 1970’s that McCoy Air Force Base would be closed, Congressman Frey successfully appealed to President Nixon to let the City of Orlando take over the property for $1.00 and turn it into a commercial airfield. He then worked to get it designated as we know it today, Orlando International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world.
  • Had the most appointments to the military academies of any Congressman in the country in the late 1970’s
  • Obtained a new Federal Courthouse in Orlando
  • Established the high school intern program

Since retiring from Congress:

  • Gave his papers and records from his time in Congress to UCF who established the Lou Frey Institute of Politics & Government at UCF.
  • In 2006, Congressman Frey and the Lou Frey Institute joined forces with Senator Bob Graham, and the Graham Center at the University of Florida, to establish the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship, managed by the Lou Frey Institute of Politics & Government at UCF. The Joint Center supports K-12 civics education throughout the state.
  • Congressman Frey and Senator Graham worked together to help pass the Sandra Day O’Connor Civics Education Act in 2010.  This legislation ensures that all 2.6 million of Florida’s K-12 students are learning lessons in civics.  The Act requires 7th grade students to complete a course in civics and take a statewide exam. In addition, all reading and literature teachers are now required to integrate civics material as a part of their courses.